36 .
Some jobs are vacancies.
All jobs are works.
No work is a trade.
All professions are trades.

I. At least some works are jobs.
II. No vacancy is a trade.
III. No profession is a work.
IV. At least some works are professions.
A.All I, II, III and IV follow
B. Only II, III and IV follow
C. Only I and IV follow
D.Only I and III follow
E.Only I, II and IV follow
View AnswerAns: Only I and III follow
37 .
Find out the wrong number ?
B. 61
C. 122
View AnswerAns: 27
38 .
Some rats are cats.
Some cats are dogs.
No dog is cow.

1. No cow is cat.
2. No dog is rat.
3. Some cats are rats.
A.Only (1)
B. Only (1) and (2)
C. Only (2) and (3)
D.Only (3)
E.Only (1) and (3)
View AnswerAns: Only (3)
39 .
If a group of 24 men working 8 hrs a day can complete building a wall in 12 days
then in how many days 16 men working 6 hrs a day can complete 3 such walls ?
B. 48
C. 72
View AnswerAns: 48
40 .
A,B,C,D,E,F,G and H are sitting in a circle facing towards the centre.
E is between H and D.
H is third to the left of B and second to the right of A.
C is between A and G.
B and E are not facing each other.

Which of the following is not true ?
A.E is between H and D
B. D and E are facing each other
C. A is between C and F
D.E and C are facing each other
E.C is third to the right of D
View AnswerAns: D and E are facing each other