96 .
Some jobs are vacancies.
All jobs are works.
No work is a trade.
All professions are trades.

I. At least some works are jobs.
II. No vacancy is a trade.
III. No profession is a work.
IV. At least some works are professions.
A.Only I and IV follow
B. Only I and III follow
C. Only II, III and IV follow
D.All I, II, III and IV follow
E.None follows
View AnswerAns: Only I and III follow
97 .
Three fifth of one fourth of a number is 90. The number is ?
B. 500
C. 600
View AnswerAns: 600
98 .
Find the divisor if dividend = 27541, quotient = 233 and remainder = 47 ?
B. 194
C. 126
View AnswerAns: 118
99 .
Some files are covers
All covers are keys
All keys are locks
Some locks are doors

I.Some doors are keys
II.Some doors are covers
III.All keys are covers
IV.Some doors are files
A.Only I follows
B. Only II follows
C. Only III follows
D.None follows
E.All follows
View AnswerAns: None follows
100 .
$ 59.88 \div 12.21 * 6.35 = ? $
B. 30
C. 50
View AnswerAns: 30