46 .
All suns are stars
All moons are stars
Some planets are suns
Some stars are gases

1.Some stars are planets
2.Some suns are gases
3.Some gases are moons
A.Only I follows
B. Only II follows
C. Only III follows
D.Only I & II follows
E.Only II & III follows
View AnswerAns: Only I follows
47 .
An HR Company employs 4800 persons, out of which 45 percent are males
and 60 percent of the males are either 25 years or older.
How many males are employed in that HR Company who are younger than 25 years ?
B. 850
C. 864
View AnswerAns: 864
48 .
In an enterance examination,
Rita scored 56 percent marks,
Sweeta scored 92 percent marks
and Anjana scored 634 marks.
The maximum marks of the examination is 875.

What is the average marks scored by all the three girls together ?
B. 743
C. 843
View AnswerAns: 643
49 .
Some keys are staplers.
Some staplers are stickers.
All the stickers are pens.

1. Some pens are staplers.
2. Some stickers are keys.
3. No sticker is key.
4. Some staplers are keys.
A.Only (1) and (2)
B. Only (1) and (4)
C. Only (2) and (3)
D.Only (2) and (4)
E.Only (3) and (4)
View AnswerAns: Only (1) and (4)
50 .
All Stones are Hammers,
No Hammer is Ring,
Some Rings are doors,
All Doors are Windows.

1. Some windows are stones.
2. Some windows are rings.
3. No window is stone.
4. Some rings are stones.
A.Only (1) follows
B. Only (3) follows
C. (1) and (2) follows
D.(3) and (4) follows
E.All of the above
View AnswerAns: (1) and (2) follows