6 .
The difference between the simple interest on a certain sum at the rate of 10% per annum for 2 years and compound interest which is compounded every 6 months is Rs.124.05. What is the principal sum ?
A.Rs. 6000
B. Rs. 8000
C. Rs. 10000
D.Rs. 12000
E.Rs. 14000
View AnswerAns: Rs. 8000
7 .
What will be the length of the diagonal of that square plot whose area is equal to the area of a rectangular plot of length 45 meters and breadth 40 meters ?
A.42.5 m
B. 60 m
C. 75 m
D.80 m
E.Data inadequate
View AnswerAns: 60 m
8 .
The length of a rectangle is 20% more than its breadth. What will be the ratio of the area of a rectangle to that of a square whose side is equal to the breadth of the rectangle ?
B. 5:6
C. 6:5
E.Data inadequate
View AnswerAns: 6:5
9 .
A can finish a work in 18 days and B can do the same work in 15 days.
B worked for 10 days and left the job. In how many days, A can alone finish remaining work ?
B. 4
C. 6
View AnswerAns: 6
10 .
Garima purchased a briefcase with an additional 10% discount on the reduced price after deducting 20% on the labelled price. If the labelled price was Rs. 1400, At what price did she purchase the briefcase ?
A.Rs. 980
B. Rs. 1008
C. Rs. 1056
D.Rs. 1120
E.Rs. 1280
View AnswerAns: Rs. 1008