121 .
The length of a rectangular field is 50% more than its breadth.
If the cost of fencing at Rs.60 per metre is Rs.12,000. What is the length of the field ?
B. 60m
C. 40m
View AnswerAns: 60m
122 .
$ 43931.03 \div 2111.02 * 401.04 = ? $
B. 8500
C. 8700
View AnswerAns: 8300
123 .
All pots are horses
All horses are plates

I. Some plates are pots
II. All plates are pots
A.Only I is true
B. Only II is true
C. Either I or II is true
D.Neither I nor II is true
E.Both I and II are true
View AnswerAns: Only I is true
124 .
All gliders are parachutes.
No parachute is an airplane.
All airplanes are helicopters

I. No helicopter is a glider.
II. All parachutes being helicopters is a possibility.
A.Only conclusion I follows.
B. Only conclusion II follows.
C. Either conclusion I or conclusion II follows.
D.Neither conclusion I nor conclusion II follows.
E.Both conclusion I and conclusion II follows
View AnswerAns: Only conclusion II follows.
125 .
A tank is filled 10% in 1hour and 8% emptied in next hour. If this is repeated again, then
Find the percentage of tank filled with water ?
B. 18.66%
C. 19.66%
View AnswerAns: 17.66%