191 .
All forces are energies
All energies are powers
No power is heat

I. No energy is heat
II. Some forces being heat is a possibility
A.Only conclusion I follows
B. Only conclusion II follows
C. Either conclusion I or conclusion II follows
D.Neither conclusion I nor conclusion II follows
E.Both conclusion I and II follows
View AnswerAns: Only conclusion I follows
192 .
23 % of 6783 + 57 % of 8431 = ?
B. 6420
C. 6360
View AnswerAns: 6360
193 .
$ \sqrt{85963} $ = ?
B. 241.194
C. 262.194
View AnswerAns: 293.194
194 .
A rectangular plot, 36m long and 28m broad, has two concrete roads 5m wide running in the middle of the park, one parallel to the length and the other parallel to the breadth.
What would be the total cost of gravelling the plot, excluding the area coveredby the roads, @ Rs. 3.60 per sq m ?
A.Rs. 2772.80
B. Rs. 2654.80
C. Rs. 2566.80
D.Rs. 2466.80
E.Rs. 2354.80
View AnswerAns: Rs. 2566.80
195 .
P ≥ Q,
Q = R,
R ≤ Z

I. P ≥ R
II. Q ≤ Z
A.Only conclusion I is true
B. Only conclusion II is true
C. Either I or II is true
D.Neither I nor II is true
E.Both are true
View AnswerAns: Neither I nor II is true