61 .
Ramola's monthly income is three times Ravina's monthly income, Ravina's monthly income is fifteen percent more that Ruchika's monthly income. Ruchika's monthly income is Rs. 32,000.
What is Ramola's annual income ?
A.Rs. 13,12,800
B. Rs. 13,24,800
C. Rs. 13,36,800
D.Rs. 13,48,800
E.Rs. 13,60,800
View AnswerAns: Rs. 13,24,800
62 .
All sharks are fishes
Some fishes are birds
All birds are trees
All tress are insects

Some insects are sharks
Some sharks are trees
All insects are birds
Some birds are sharks
A.Only I follows
B. Only II follows
C. Only III follows
D.All follows
E.None follows
View AnswerAns: None follows
63 .
Shilpa bought 20 pens, 8 packets of wax colours, 6 calculators and 7 pencil boxes,
The price of one pen is Rs. 7, one packet of wax colour is for Rs. 22, one calculator is for Rs. 175 and one pencil box costs Rs. 14 more than the combined price of one pen and one packet of wax colours.
How much amount did Shilpa pay to the shopkeeper ?
A.Rs. 1,865
B. Rs. 1,725
C. Rs. 1,667
D.Rs. 1,527
E.Rs. 1,475
View AnswerAns: Rs. 1, 667
64 .
Find out the wrong number
41   45   61   97   181   261   405
B. 97
C. 181
View AnswerAns: 181
65 .
A,B,C,D,E,F,G and H are sitting in a circle facing towards the centre.
E is between H and D.
H is third to the left of B and second to the right of A.
C is between A and G.
B and E are not facing each other.

What is the position of F with respect to G ?
A.Second to the left
B. Second to the Right
C. Third to the left
D.Third to the right
E.None of these
View AnswerAns: Third to the right