126 .
A bakery bakes cake with the expectation that it will earn a profit of 40% by selling each cake at marked price. But during the delivery to showroom 16% of the cakes were completely damaged and hence could not be sold. 24% of the cakes were slightly damaged and hence could be sold at 80% of the cost price.
The remaining 60% of the cakes were sold at marked price.

What is the percentage profit in the whole consignment ?
B. 2.8
C. 3.2
View AnswerAns: 3.2
127 .
No stone is metal.
Some metals are papers.
All papers are glass.

I. All stones being glass is a possibility.
II. No stone is paper.
A.Only conclusion I follows.
B. Only conclusion II follows.
C. Either conclusion I or conclusion II follows.
D.Neither conclusion I nor conclusion II follows.
E.Both conclusion I and II follows.
View AnswerAns: Only conclusion I follows.
128 .
If the true discount on a certain sum due 6 months hence at 15% is Rs. 120,
What is the banker${'}$s discount on the same sum for the same time and at the same rate ?
B. 128
C. 129
View AnswerAns: 129
129 .
Find the wrong number.
145, 170, 196, 226, 257, 290
B. 196
C. 226
View AnswerAns: 196
130 .
How many daughters does W have ?

I.B and D are the sisters of M.
II.M${'}$s father, T is the husband of W.
III.Out of the three children which T has, only one is a boy.
A.Only I and III are sufficient to answer the question.
B. Only I and II are sufficient to answer the question.
C. Only II and III are sufficient to answer the question.
D.All I, II and III are required to answer the question.
E.Question cannot be answered even with all I, II and III
View AnswerAns: Only II and III are sufficient to answer the question.