31 .
java.util.Hashtable implement which of the following??
A. Java.util.Collection
B. Java.util.Map
C. Java.util.List
D. Java.util.HashTable
View AnswerAns: Java.util.Map
32 .
What is default value of the local Variable ?
B. Garbage
C. Error
D.None of these
View AnswerAns: None of these
33 .
Which of these is a mechanism for naming and visibility control of class and its content ?
B. Packages
C. Interfaces
D.None of the above
View AnswerAns: Packages
34 .
Which of the following conversion is valid conversion in narrowing ?
A.char to int
B. float to long
C. long to double
D.short to int
View AnswerAns: float to long
35 .
What is the stored in the object obj in following lines of code?
box obj;
A.Memory address of allocated memory of object.
B. Garbage View
C. Any arbitrary pointer
D.0 (NULL)
View AnswerAns: 0 (NULL)