76 .
Which of the following method/methods can be called with variable number of parameters ?
A.print f
B. Invoke
C. To String
D.All of the above
View AnswerAns: All of the above
77 .
What will be the output of the following ?

class conversion
public static void main(String args)
double a = 295.04;
int b = 300;
byte c = (byte) a;
byte d = (byte) b;
System.out.println(c+" "+d);
B. 39,44
C. 295,300
View AnswerAns: 39,44
78 .
Which of these data type is returned by every method of Output Stream ?
B. float
C. byte
D.None of the above
View AnswerAns: None of the above
79 .
Which of these methods is used to know whether a string contains "true" ?
B. valueofString()
C. getString()
D.None of the above
View AnswerAns: valueof()
80 .
What is the value stored in following variable
byte b = (byte) 350;
B. 94
C. 127
View AnswerAns: 94