1 .
Which of the follow. method to clear all the data present in output buffers only?
A. clear()
B. flush()
C. flushall()
View AnswerAns: flush()
2 .
Which of the following collection maintain its elements in Natural Sorted order ?
A. LinkedMap
B. LinkedHashMap
C. TreeMap
View AnswerAns: TreeMap
3 .
Which class or interface defines the wait(), notify(),and notifyAll() methods?
B. Thread
C. Runnable
View AnswerAns: Object
4 .
which of these method is used to find out that a thread is still running or not?
A.run ( )
B. Alive ( )
C. isAlive( )
D. checkRun ( )
View AnswerAns: isAlive( )
5 .
When a class extends the Thread class ,it should override ............ method of Thread class to start that thread.
A. start()
B. run()
C. init()
View AnswerAns: run()