66 .
How many times wait method is defined in java.lang.Object class ?
B. 2
C. 3
View AnswerAns: 3
67 .
Variable of value type may get space on .........
A.Heap section
B. Non-heap section
C. Both A and B
D.None of above
View AnswerAns: Both A and B
68 .
Which of the following is not valid ?
A.Multiple Interface Inheritance
B. Multiple Interface Implementation Inheritance
C. Multiple Implementation inheritance
D.Interface implementation Inheritance
View AnswerAns: Multiple Implementation inheritance
69 .
Which of the following can be marked static ?
A.Methods,Variables and Initialization Blocks
B. Methods,Variables,Initialization Blocks and Outer Classes and nested Classes
C. Methods,Variables,Initialization Blocks and Outer Classes
D.Methods,Variables,Initialization Blocks and nested Classes
View AnswerAns: Methods,Variables,Initialization Blocks and nested Classes
70 .
Which of these coding types is used for data type characters in Java ?
D.None of the mentioned
View AnswerAns: UNICODE