21 .
What is the output of this program ?

#include <`stdio.h`>    (Please neglect `` this signs)
using namespace std;
int main()
int a = 21;
int c ;
c = a++;
cout << c;
return 0;

B. 22
C. 23
View AnswerAns: 21
22 .
Which of three sizes of floating point types should be used when extended precision is required ?
B. double
C. long double
D.extended float
View AnswerAns: long double
23 .
Which is correct with respect to size of the datatypes ?
A.char > int < float
B. int < char > float
C. char < int < float
D.char < int < double
View AnswerAns: char < int < double
24 .
In C++, what is the sign of character data type by default ?
B. Unsigned
C. Implementation dependent
D.None of these
View AnswerAns: Implementation dependent
25 .
What is the use of Namespace ?
A.To encapsulate the data
B. To structure a program into logical units.
C. Both a and b
D.None of the mentioned
View AnswerAns: To structure a program into logical units.