1 .
C++ is a _______________ Language
A.Type Less
B. Statically Typed
C. Dynamically Typed
D.B and C both
View AnswerAns: Statically Typed
2 .
What are the parts of the literal constants ?
A.integer numerals
B. floating-point numerals
C. Strings and Boolean values
D.All of the mentioned
View AnswerAns: All of the mentioned
3 .
Which of the following correctly declares an array ?
A.int array[10];
B. int array;
C. array{10};
D.array array[10];
View AnswerAns: int array[10];
4 .
Which of the following keyword is used to declare the header file ?
B. exclude
C. string
View AnswerAns: include
5 .
What is the output of this program ?
#include <`iostream`>    (Please neglect `` this signs)
using namespace std;
int main()
int i, j;
j = 10;
i = (j++, j + 100, 999 + j);
cout << i;
return 0;
B. 11
C. 1010
View AnswerAns: 1010