46 .
What is the output of this program ?

#include <`iostream`>    (Please neglect `` this signs)
#include <`string`>    (Please neglect `` this signs)
using namespace std;
int main ()
string str ("Steve jobs");
cout << str.length();
return 0;
B. 9
C. 10
View AnswerAns: 10
47 .
Which type is best suited to represent the logical values ?
B. boolean
C. character
D.All of the mentioned
View AnswerAns: boolean
48 .
How does the strings are stored in the memory ?
B. Non-contiguous
C. None of the mentioned
D.All of the mentioned
View AnswerAns: Contiguous
49 .
Which operator is having the highest precedence ?
B. shift
C. equality
View AnswerAns: postfix
50 .
The switch statement is also called as ?
A.choosing structure
B. selective structure
C. certain structure
D.None of the mentioned
View AnswerAns: selective structure