111 .
Statements: Some pens are keys. Some keys are locks. All locks are cards. No card is paper Conclusions:
I. No lock is paper.
II. Some cards are keys
III. Some keys are not paper
A. I and II follow
B. Only I follows
C. Only II follows
D. All follow
View AnswerAns: All follow
112 .
Statements: Some pearls are gems. All gems are diamonds. No diamond is stone. Some stones are corals. Conclusions
I. Some stones are pearls.
II. Some corals being diamond is a possibility
III. No stone is pearl.
A.Only I follows
B. Only II follows
C. Either I or III follows
D.None of these
View AnswerAns: None of these
113 .
Statements: Some apartments are flats. Some flats are buildings. All buildings are bungalows. All bungalows are gardens. Conclusions:
I. All apartments being building is a possibility
II. All bungalows are not buildings.
III. No flat is garden.
A.None follows
B. Only I follows
C. Either I or III follows
D. II and III follow
View AnswerAns: None follows
114 .
Statements: All chairs are tables. All tables are bottles. Some bottles are jars. No jar is bucket. Conclusions:
I. Some tables being jar is a possibility.
II. Some bottles are chairs.
III. Some bottles are not bucket.
A. Only I follows
B. I and II follow
C. All follow
D.Only II follows
View AnswerAns: All follow
115 .
A person starts from point P in East and moves 12 m to point Q. Then, he moves right 8 m to point R. Again he moves right for 6 m to point S. Then, he moves 6 m in the North to point T. Finally from there he goes to left for 6 m to point U. Which of three point he would form a triangle whose all the angles are less than 90°?
View AnswerAns: QTR