61 .
A computer has 5 terminals & each terminal is capable of four distinct positions including the positions of rest.
What is the total no. of signals that can be made?
B. 1020
C. 1023
D.None of these
View AnswerAns: 1023
62 .
There are 10 trains playing between Calcutta & Delhi.The no. of ways in which a person can go from Calcutta to Delhi & return by a different train is
B. 90
C. 80
D.None of these
View AnswerAns: 90
63 .
There are 6 routes for journey from station A to station B. In how many ways you may go from A to B & return if for returning you make a choice of any of thr routes?
B. 12
C. 36
View AnswerAns: 36
64 .
How many arrangements can be made out of the word DRAUGHT, the vowels never being seperated?
B. 360
C. 840
View AnswerAns: 720
65 .
The number of ways the letters of the word COMPUTER can be arranged as
B. 40319
C. 40318
D.None of these
View AnswerAns: 40319