71 .
5 persons are sitting in a round table such a way that Tallest person is always on the right side of the shortest person. The number of such arrangements is
B. 8
C. 24
D.None of these
View AnswerAns: 6
72 .
8 identical balls are placed at random in three bags. What is the probability that the first bag will contain 3 balls?
B. 0.3256
C. 0.1924
View AnswerAns: 0.2731
73 .
There are two urns containing 5 red & 6 white balls and 3 red & 7 white balls respectively. If two balls are drawn from the first urn without replacement and transfered to the second urn and then the draw of another two balls is made from it, what is the probability that both the balls are red?
B. 65/726
C. 75/726
View AnswerAns: 55/726
74 .
It is given that a family of 2 childeren has a girl, what is the probability that other child is also a girl?
B. 0.75
C. 1/3
View AnswerAns: 0.5
75 .
What is the probability that a leap year selected at random would contain 53 Saturdays?
B. 2/7
C. 1/12
View AnswerAns: 2/7