16 .
At what time the hands of the clock show a mirror image of 4:10 ?
B. 7:40
C. 7:50
View AnswerAns: 7:50
17 .
A watch gains 6 minutes in one hour and was set right at 8 AM. What time will it show at 6PM on the same day?
B. 7pm
C. 8:30pm
View AnswerAns: 7pm
18 .
In how many ways can Alex and his 5 friends be seated around a circular table if clockwise and anticlockwise directions are considered different?
B. 720
C. 60
View AnswerAns: 120
19 .
There are 5 chairs arranged in a circular manner in a square room. Total 6 people are to meet in a room, but since only 5 chair are available 1 person will have to stand at one of the corners of the room. In how many ways this can be done? Also note that clockwise arrangement and anti-clockwise arrangement are different.
B. 577
C. 578
View AnswerAns: 576
20 .
A, C are running with speeds of 20m/s, 24m/s on a circular track. A is running in the clockwise direction and C is running in the anti-clockwise direction. At how many distinct points they meet on that circular track?
B. 11
C. 13
View AnswerAns: 11