1 .
CLR is the .NET equivalent of _________.
A.Java Virtual Machine
B. Common Language Runtime
C. Common Type System
D.Common Language Specification
View AnswerAns: Java Virtual Machine
2 .
The CLR is physically represented by an assembly named _______
B. mcoree.dll
C. msoree.dll
View AnswerAns: mscoree.dll
3 .
SOAP stands for __________.
A.Simple Object Access Program
B. Simple Object Access Protocol
C. Simple Object Application Protocol
D.Simple Object Account Protocol
View AnswerAns: Simple Object Access Protocol
4 .
The ____ language allows more than one method in a single class
B. J#
C. C++
View AnswerAns: C#
5 .
In C#, a subroutine is called a ________.
B. Metadata
C. Method
D.Managed code
View AnswerAns: Method