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IBPS English Comprehension Test 7

Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given below it.

          "Uncle" said Luke to the old Sean, "You seem to be well fed, though I know no one looks after you. Nor have I seen you leave your residence at any time. Tell me how do you manage it?" "Because" Sean replied, "I have a good feed every night at the emperor's orchard. After dark, I go there myself and pick out enough fruits to last a fortnight." Luke proposed to accompany his uncle to the orchard. Though reluctant because of Luke's habit of euphoric exhibition of extreme excitement, Sean agreed to take him along. At the orchard while Sean hurriedly collected the fruits and left, Luke on the other hand at the sight of unlimited supply of fruits was excited and lifted his voice which brought emperor's men immediately to his side. They seized him and mistook him as the sole cause of damage to the orchard. Although Luke reiterated that he was a bird of passage, they pounded him mercilessly before setting him free.


How did old Sean manage to meet his food requirements ?

By buying food from the market
His nephew Luke took care of his requirements
Luke brought fruits from the emperor's orchard for Sean
He picked up fruits from the emperor's orchard
The emperor provided him with ample supply of fruits


Why was Sean reluctant to take Luke along ?

Becausre he was a selfish man
He feared that Luke's reaction may alert the Emperor's men
Because Luke could harm him
He wanted to bring fruits for Luke himself
He knew Luke was a greedy person


Luke remitted behind at the orchard because he

Was greedy and wanted to collect more fruits
Waited for the Emperor's men to arrest him
Lost his composure and started expressing his feelings loudly
Had waited for his uncle to return
Could not move in the dark


Choose the word which is most opposite in meaning of the word used in the passage.
Pounded :



Choose the word/phrase which is most nearly the same in meaning of the word as used in the passage.
Reiterated :