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GRE English Comprehension Test 7

A material is what something is made of. There are 5 basic materials. Most things are made with these materials. Some things are made of metal. Some things are made of glass. Some things are made of wood. Some things are made of cloth. And some things are made of plastic. There are some other materials. But they are not used as much as these 5 materials.

Lets talk about metal first. Metal is very heavy. And it is very hard and strong. It usually feels cool if you touch it. We use metal to make lots of things. We use it for forks and knives. We use it for keys. We use it for cars. We use it for these things because it is very strong. Next, lets talk about glass. Glass is very smooth. It feels cool to touch. It is not as heavy as metal. It is hard. But it is not strong. It breaks very easily! Then why do we use it? We use it because it is clear! You can see through glass! Thats why we use it for windows. Thats also why we use it for glasses.

Now, lets talk about wood. Wood is lighter than metal and glass. It is not as strong as metal. But it is much stronger than glass. We use wood to make lots of things. Things made from wood are usually light and hard and strong. Chairs and tables are made from wood. Pencils are made from wood. Now lets talk about cloth. Cloth is very light. It is much lighter than wood. And it is very soft. We use cloth to make lots of things. For example, it is used to make clothing. And it is used to make blankets.

Last, lets talk about plastic. Plastic is also very light. But it is different from cloth. Sometimes it is soft. And sometimes it is hard. Plastic can be used to make thin plastic bags. These are light, soft, and strong. But plastic can also be used to make bicycle helmets. These are light, hard, and strong. A helmet and a bag seem different. But they are both made from plastic.


Which sentence from the passage best describes the main idea?

"We use cloth to make lots of things."
"Metal is very heavy."
"There are 5 basic materials."
"A helmet and a bag seem different."
None of these


According to the passage, which of these things is a material?

None of these


According to the passage, how does glass feel?

warm and soft
smooth and cool
light and hard
sharp and heavyAccording to the passage, logos can build ethos because
None of these


The passage says, Wood is lighter than metal and glass. What is the main purpose of this sentence?

to explain something
to compare something
to demonstrate something
to recommend something
None of these


Which material would you use if you wanted to make something that was strong and very light?

All of these


In this passage, the author talks about

cool things first, then warm things
strong things first, then weak things
heavy things first, then light things
hard things first, then soft things
None of these