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GRE English Comprehension Test 4

The capitalist system of society does not foster healthy relations among human beings. A few people own all the means of production and others- though nominally few have to sell their labour under conditions imposed upon them. The emphasis of capitalism being on the supreme importance of material wealth the intensity of its appeal is to the acquisitive intensity. It promotes worship of economic power with little regard to the means employed for its acquisition and the end that it serves.

By its exploitation of human beings to the limits of endurance its concentration is on the largest profit rather than maximum production. Thus the division of human family is done on the basis of economic circumstance. All this is injurious to division of human dignity. And when the harrowed poor turn to the founders of religion for succour, they rather offer a subtle defence for the established order. They promise future happiness for their present suffering and conjure up visions of paradise to redress the balance to soothe the suffering and the revolt of the tortured men. The system imposes injustice, the religion justifies it.


The passage indicates that the capitalist system is:



The established order is supported by religion to:

alleviate the suffering of the poor in the capitalist system
perpetuate the injustice imposed by the capitalist system
balance the suffering of the poor with hopes of future rewards
help the tortured men to seek redress
balance the suffering of the poor with rich people


In a capitalist system:

the means justify the ends.
the ends justify the means.
the means endorsed by religion are strictly followed.
means which lead to exploitation are strictly prohibited
the means rationalise the ends.


In a capitalistic system of society each man wishes:

to acquire maximum wealth.
to produce maximum wealth.
to have visions of paradise
to soothe the sufferings of other
to acquire minimum wealth


Capitalism is injurious to human relations because it divides society into two groups:

working and non-working
exploiters and exploited
religious and irreligious
buyers and sellers
job and jobless